X-Men: Days Of Future Past Final Trailer

I didn’t think it would be possible for me to be any more excited for the upcoming X-Men flick, but then I watched the third trailer. The final theatrical trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past does an insanely good job of building anticipation for the film along with divulging just the right amount of the plot to get potential movie goers excited. Days of Future Past is based off the story of the same name from the...Continue Reading

google camera 2

Google Releases Camera App For Kit Kat Devices

In an effort to appease the harshest camera critics, Google has released a standalone camera app to the Google Play Store. Now, before you get your hopes up, let’s get one thing out the way now: Phones like the Nexus 5 or the HTC One won’t see an increase in camera quality. Instead, Google focused on cleaning up the busy interface and simplifying the experience all while adding new features to boot.

I really dig the new interface, although...Continue Reading


T-Mobile Aims To Banish Overage Fees

T-Mobile USA just keeps the hits-a-comin’ as they rolled out part 3 of their 3-of-3 Uncarrier initiative. CEO John Legere posted on his blog earlier today that T-Mobile intends on shaking up the wireless game even further, this time by abolishing something that carriers have profited off of for years; rate plan overage fees. In his post, Legere went on to say that carriers have made as much as $1 Billion dollars annually from customers paying overage fees, and went...Continue Reading


HTC One (M8) Review

The HTC One was one of last year’s most interesting handsets. It was met with critical acclaim and even the most harsh HTC critic had nothing but praise for it. The handset was well designed, well made, and unique as it was unlike any other handset available. There was one glaring flaw with the HTC One however, and that one flaw was the biggest feature that HTC chose to highlight; the camera. Today, I get to check out...Continue Reading


Amazon Announces Amazon FireTV

Amazon just announced their competitor for the current crop of set-top receivers in Amazon FireTV. There has been rumblings about the FireTV for quite some time now, and just moments ago we were treated to the official unveiling.

Amazon’s goal is to allow a more open, user friendly experience unlike any set-top box currently available. The FireTV won’t make the experience an Amazon proprietary piece, and will instead allow you to use multiple devices to control the unit. The...Continue Reading


Nokia Lumia Icon Review

Nokia was responsible for one of the biggest breakout phones last year in the form of the Lumia 1020. It was a masterfully crafted handset with excellent battery life, and the best camera available on a mobile phone. Riding a wave of momentum into 2014, Nokia looks to continue their reemergence as a big name player amongst an already overcrowded smartphone scene. The Lumia Icon is the next release from Nokia that aims to steal more of your time (and...Continue Reading


Stone Cold Steve Austin Thinks CM Punk Will Return At Wrestlemania 30

CM Punk, one of the WWE’s biggest and brightest stars, unceremoniously left the company following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view back in January. Originally believed to be a work (part of WWE scripts), many speculated that Punk would return soon after taking a brief break to rest his bones. It soon became a possibility that this was, in fact, a real exit and Punk had truly “took his ball and went home.” There were more and more reports about Vince McMahon...Continue Reading

Nexus Rear

Verizon Wireless Nexus 7 Review

The original Nexus 7 was one of my absolute favorite tablets from 2012 because it was the perfect combination of style, size, and function. Google and Asus followed suit with the 2013 edition which added a higher quality screen, faster processor, more internal storage, and dual cameras. This also marked the debut of LTE on a Nexus tablet, as the previous models all chose to forgo this option. Today, I’m checking out the 2013 Nexus 7 tablet laced...Continue Reading


Blackberry And T-Mobile Call It Quits

After having one of the most lengthy relationships in the business, Blackberry has announced that they will no longer partner with T-Mobile. Blackberry decided it would be best to part ways with T-Mobile and end their licensing agreement with the number four carrier after several mediocre sales quarters and an ill-conceived ad campaign. T-Mobile launched an incentive that seen Blackberry customers be rewarded for switching from their Blackberry devices into other manufacturers products. After a somewhat irate response...Continue Reading

2014 HTC One

Another HTC One Leak Hits The Web

In what will probably go down as one of 2014′s worst kept secrets, the as-of-yet unreleased HTC One has suffered another leak. Last time around we got a sneak peak the hardware on the all new HTC One, this time we get to check out the software. Running the brand new HTC Sense 6.0 atop Android 4.4.2, the HTC One looks to improve vastly over last year’s model.

The original video has since been deleted from YouTube, but from what we...Continue Reading