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July 28, 2015

The OnePlus Two Might Be My New Favorite Phone

And I haven’t even used one yet. Considering everything that was announced yesterday during the OnePlus event, their tagline of “Never Settle” takes on a whole new meaning. Last year’s OnePlus was good. It was a $300 smartphone that fit into virtually everyone’s budget, but was built to be a flagship phone. It had specs that would rival some of its highest end Android competitors, and managed to steal some of the spotlight from the pure-bred Google Nexus devices. It was essentially the smartphone to beat, and may have even held the crown of being the best Android phone available, but the problem was…. Nobody else knew it.

OnePlus has a very [...]

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July 27, 2015

Nerd News Show Ep 023: Ashley Madison, Privacy, And A Hatred Of Fees

We took a few weeks off, but we’re back with a double long episode this week! Rob, Maria, and Matt have a lengthy debate about the state of fees in the wireless industry, the Ashley Madison hack, and whether or not comic franchises have the staying power to still be relevant in 10 years.

Check out the latest episode of the Nerd News Show!

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July 24, 2015

WWE Removes Hulk Hogan From WWE Archives, No Longer Listed As Tough Enough Judge

In the wake of Hulk’s controversial $100 million dollar lawsuit against Gawker, things are starting to get much stranger for the WWE Hall Of Famer. Earlier today, WWE has essentially scrubbed almost all mention of Hulk Hogan from their website, he’s no longer listed as a tough enough judge, and his merchandise has been pulled from

Early reports are indicating that this isn’t necessarily attached to his sex tape lawsuit. It instead appears to stem from a pretty heated tirade within the tape in which Hogan uses the ‘N’ word several times. This isn’t a new incident for Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, as he mentioned in an [...]

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July 23, 2015

Nerd News Giveaway: Anime Edition

What’s up guys!!!! it’s that time of the week, where we reach into our hyper Nerd Stash and bless YOU, the masses with awesome nerdy swag! This week’s giveaway features some super cool anime items we’ve randomly collected through the last few months. All you anime buffs out there are sure to enjoy this one! What’s included this time around is an Attack On Titan cinch bag, a Cowboy Bebop Bandana, Totoro Buttons (for you button collectors out there), and my personal favorite, a Gundam t-shirt (size:L).

Here’s the deets on how you can win!

Contest Rules:

The contest starts [...]

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