Hiatus: It’s Not You, It’s Us


We’re taking a vacation, FROM OUR PROBLEMS!

In case you guys haven’t noticed, things have been a bit slow around here lately. Don’t worry though, we’re taking a quick break to help cement some pretty big things including a new, updated look and feel for the site, better sharing and commenting options and more!

In the meanwhile feel free to browse the archives, and most importantly stay up to date with everything we’re doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +

Thanks for...Continue Reading

Punk Marvel

CM Punk: World Heavyweight Comic Writer?

CM Punk was one of the biggest stars in WWE, behind only John Cena when it came to crowd reaction. The WWE Universe was madly, deeply enamored with Punk and his highlight reel matches he would put on night in and night out, and he’d grown to be the most dependable superstar on the roster. He was rewarded with a pretty hefty contract and the longest consecutive title reign in the modern era from 2011 through the beginning of 2013,...Continue Reading


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

October 2011 seems like it was so long ago. The iPhone still reigned supreme, unchallenged, and Android was just starting to pick up steam. Phones were a ton smaller back then, and everyone liked it that way. Samsung had a different idea for how we’d interact with our smartphones and from that idea, the Galaxy Note was born. Initially, the Note was panned, cast aside for its unconventional size, but after some time it caught fire. Samsung was now sitting...Continue Reading

Apple Web Tool

Apple Releases Web Tool To Free Users From iMessage Jail

Finally. FINALLY. Apple released a web tool that allows users who made the jump to Android, easier ability to deregister iMessage from their Apple ID. This tool is pretty much godsend, and as one who made the jump from iPhone to Android, there is a rather involved process to get Apple to do essentially the same thing this tool does.

iPhone users have been complaining for quite some time about disappearing message after switching into an Android device. The main issue...Continue Reading

Taken with the rear Note 4 camera

Wizard World Ohio Wrap Up


Attending Comic Cons has recently become an extreme favorite pastime of mine. It all started with attending Detroit Fanfare for the first time last year, and continued on through Wizard World Ohio which I attended this past weekend. Having attended a Wizard World event as a spectator in August, I had no idea what to expect when I would be attending this time as a member of the press. Ironically enough, it didn’t really matter that I was there to...Continue Reading

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook Comes Out

In an Op-Ed posted to Business Week this morning, the CEO of Apple announced he’s gay. In the piece, Cook speaks about how his desire for privacy had kept him from opening up sooner, but in light of recent events he feels that now is the time. He went on to say that most of his colleagues within Apple already knew about his sexual orientation, and while he had never denied it, he never openly admitted it either. “I don’t...Continue Reading


Motorola DROID Turbo Launching In Verizon Stores Today

If you’re a big fan of Verizon’s DROID lineup, things are about to get a lot sweeter for you. Starting today, Verizon Wireless will be offering the latest in the DROID line with the Motorola made, DROID Turbo. A Verizon exclusive, the DROID Turbo ushers in a brand new age for the DROID lineup, but most importantly a changing of the guard for Motorola. As far as specs go, this thing is a pure beast. A 5.2″ Super AMOLED display...Continue Reading


WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions

It’s that time of year again. The time where WWE gets serious about its (hopefully) long-term booking plans headed into the company’s SuperBowl, Wrestlemania. It’s usually at Hell In A Cell where the next phase of main event rivalries start to take shape, and many of the ongoing programs we’ve been treated to, come to a close. This year’s HIAC has the potential to be one of the bigger shows this year from WWE, solely due to the booking of...Continue Reading


KFC Unveils Even Meatier Double Down

If you thought KFC’s monstrous Double Down burger was the holy grail of instant heart disease sandwiches, think again. The fast food chain recently unveiled the Zinger Double Down, and make no mistake about it, it’s much worse than you could imagine.

Back in 2010, KFC introduced the world to the Double Down, and we collectively fell in love (most of us anyway). The sandwich is comprised of 2 chicken patties, bacon, cheese, and southwest sauce to create a meat lovers...Continue Reading


Christian Bale Confirmed To Play Steve Jobs In Upcoming Biopic

Writer Aaron Sorkin (pronounced: A A ron), confirmed today that the Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale is all set to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic. The film, based off the 2011 book written by Sir Walter Isaacson, will revolve largely around the larger than life person and personality of Steve Jobs. Sorkin went on to say “The role is an extremely difficult role. He has more word to say in this movie than most people have to say...Continue Reading